Bottle Credits and Lots of New Products

Containers = $$

Starting April 18th, we'll give you store credit for every empty Refillery bottle (and jar, and tin) you return to us! Make space in your cupboards, help us keep the cycle going, and get credit towards awesome new stuff... it's a win-win-win!

2oz = $0.50
4oz = $1.00
8oz & 16oz = $1.50
24oz & 32oz = $2.00

Lots of New Products

We're now carrying products from Heliotrope. For over 10 years, Heliotrope has been making all-natural, high-quality products with no synthetic perfumes or artificial colors right in San Francisco.

Need to de-stress? We have three new bath teas that will have you feeling as-good-as-new in no time. Made ultra-locally at the Davis Refillery!

Happy Guilt-free Shopping!

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