Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Hi Friends!

We are one year old, so YOU get a present: an automatic 10% off your order through the end of the day, August 11th!

We just wanted to say thank you for your commitment to supporting local, environmentally responsible, women-owned businesses with us!


New Products

Wool Sponges
This wool comes from well-tended sheep in NorCal, benefiting the landscape, climate, and local economy. These sponges do not get gross or smelly, and last a long time!

These awesome hankies are versatile and eco-friendly. Carry this ultra-soft handkerchief to blow your nose, clean dirty faces, dab sweat, wipe hands, wrap wounds, and more. Choose from 3 designs!

Everyday Handkerchief
These beautiful, floral hankies will give you a good laugh every time you use them. 100% cotton, and 5 funny saying to choose from.

Song Lyric Dishcloths
Put some fun into your chore session with these motivational wash cloths. These sustainable sponges reference high-energy pop anthems that will help you pump up and scrub down. Sold as singles or sets of 3.

Bamboo Mason Jar Lids
Convert mason jars into drinking cups easily with these sustainable bamboo mason jar lids with straw holes. Made with a removable silicone seal, these lids come in two sizes. Turn old pasta jars, canning jars, etc into to-go drinking cups for a zero-waste swap! Great for kids too!

Stain Stick
A lot of cleaning power is packed into this little 0.8 oz. stick (that lasts forever!). Mama Suds' recipe is the same as her liquid soap, just converted to make it solid! This spot-treating superhero is here to keep your couches, clothes, and even upholstery stain- and toxin-free. 


We hope you love these new products as much as we do!!

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