Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends!

As we set intentions and resolutions for the coming year, it's temping to seek a makeover for ourselves of one kind or another. These resolutions are often fueled by shame or the voices that tell you you're less-than.
Don't give energy to those bad vibes--make a resolution based on HOPE!

Do you hope for a world that is cleaner, more sustainable, and less dependent on petroleum? Then join us in our resolution to be more free from plastic in 2023! Here's how: Each day in January, we've been posting (on Insta and Facebook) a step you can take to break free from plastic's grip on your life! Click through to Facebook below, and try a step that's new to you (or try them all), and celebrate that YOU are making a difference!

With hope for a better world,
Amanda and Kate


New Products

Swedish Dishcloths

Beautifully artistic cellulose dishcloths by Mishka Hands. Swedish Dishcloths, also known as sponge cloths, can absorb 15 times their weight in liquid, are terrific for everyday cleaning, and are home compostable! These unique art pieces are hand-printed in Gilroy, CA with algae-based ink, by mom-trepreneur Claudia Bado. $6 each.

Facial Moisturizing Oil

Our new Facial Moisturizing Oil is a skin-renewing powerhouse. Gentle and non-irritating, it can be used at morning before sunscreen, and at night after any serums or spot-treatments. In a 2oz bottle, it's larger than most facial oils on the market, but we've kept the price low because we believe healthy, radiant skin should be attainable for everyone. Starting at $12.50.

Lavender Dryer Ball and Linen Spray

Upgrade your laundry with this beautiful set! These cute, eco dryer balls are handmade, fair trade, compostable, plastic free, they will naturally soften your clothes, help reduce drying time, and save energy! You can add your favorite essential oils or the lavender linen spray. The Relax Body and Linen Spray is a lovely and versatile spray made locally in Davis by loveBB, a mom-trepreneur business. $25.

Tiny Reusable Giftbag

Planning on buying a gift and need an earth-friendly wrapping option? Add a reusable gift bags to your order! These tiny bags are the perfect size for jewelry or other small gifts! Check out our other listings for different size options. Tiny bags measure 4" x 6" and are $2.00 each.

Where are the 16oz aluminum bottles?

One of the unfortunate side effects of the global supply chain hang-up was a world-wide shortage of aluminum. You can read all the juicy details here. But for now, this means that we haven't been able to replenish our supply of aluminum bottles. Luckily, we purchased smaller (8oz and 4oz) aluminum bottles before the main crunch, but we have such low inventory of 16oz bottles that it would be unwise to list this size as available on our store.

What this means for our customers: we are very hesitant to offer shower products (such as shampoo and conditioner) in a pumpable glass bottle--this seems like a disaster waiting to happen. However, we are now offering shampoo in 16 oz glass refills... meaning it is up to our customers to find a suitable plastic or aluminum container with a pump to use in the shower. Conditioner simply won't pour from a refill, so we're limiting this glass option to shampoo. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or secret stashes of aluminum bottles. :)


In closing...Thank you for your commitment to supporting local, environmentally responsible, women-owned businesses with us!

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