Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight

We had a chance to interview Tricia Beebee, the creator of loveBB, and wanted to share all about her with you!

Amanda: Hi Tricia! So tell me what led to your decision to make environmentally friendly products?

Tricia: I've always had a deep connection with nature since I was a kid but my eyes were opened once I became a mom and saw the amount just our family would spend on diapers, plastic bottles, toys, etc! I started making choices to  reduce my family's carbon footprint by buying used, going with cloth diapers, and recycling. As a natural gift-giver, I got a lot of joy giving people gifts they would use and not just another thing that would get tossed in the trash!
Amanda: Can you please tell us more about your products?

Tricia: I create beautifully hand-poured balms and sprays that are completely sustainable. I use fresh local beeswax, organic coconut oil, and a luxurious blend of other natural oils, butters and essential oils, with pure Vitamin E that truly nourishes your skin. 
Amanda: How long have you been doing this? 

Tricia: I have been gifting these products for years. I had friends constantly come back to buy more, so I started loveBB this spring of 2022. I wanted a business where I could simply do what I love and provide gifts that everyone will love.

Amanda: What makes your products unique?

Tricia: Not only do I source my main ingredient, beeswax, locally but I also don't skimp on my ingredients. My recipes include the highest quality oils, butters, and pure Vitamin E because they work and they're all essential to making these choice products. You will feel the difference once you try them!
Amanda: Is there anything else you would like everyone to know about you?

Tricia: I am proud to be an AAPI woman--raised by Chinese and Indian immigrants. I went to Davis High and UC Davis and moved back 2 years ago to raise our family here. I'm so happy to be in this community with the Davis Refillery! Appreciate your love and support!

Well, we are thrilled to have found you, Tricia! Welcome to the Refillery!
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