How does ordering and delivery work?

Check out our How It Works page!


What areas do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to Davis and Woodland every Tuesday and Thursday and then we also deliver to Winters, Dixon, and West Sacramento every Thursday. Orders must be placed 24 hours before the delivery day in order to ensure delivery for that week.


How can I get store credit?

Every time a customer returns a bottle, jar, or container, store credit is issued.  The customer must have a customer account created on our website in order to access their store credits.  A customer account can be created at any time and store credit will automatically be applied at checkout.


How does the Davis Refillery reduce its carbon footprint?

Our goal in every aspect of our business is to minimize our environmental impact. Here are a few ways we are doing that.

1. With every customer order, we donate to One Tree Planted which is a 501 charity with a mission to help global reforestation efforts. Every order with our shop plants one tree.

2. With our delivery-based service, we have one delivery day per area per week to minimize the amount of driving we do. As our business grows, we hope to incorporate electric vehicles into our business model for deliveries and pop-up events.

3. We are trying to source a lot of our inventory locally in order to reduce the amount of goods that need to be shipped to us. Many of our local vendors meet with us once a month at the same location to drop off their goods. We also exchange storage containers with them at these meet ups to be reused for future orders.

4. Once our brick and mortar retail space is open, we will be prioritizing bike parking to help encourage customers to use alternative modes of transportation to the store.


What does the Davis Refillery do with its bulk storage containers?

The goal of our business is to strive towards zero waste. In order to do that, we are mindful about how our products are being shipped and stored and also what happens with those containers after we are done with them. There are a few ways we are handling this to minimize our environmental impact.

1. Once a month we will meet up with all of our local suppliers to collect our orders in one location. We will swap out our used storage containers with the suppliers to be reused for future orders.
2. Some of our non local suppliers allow us to ship our large bulk containers back to them to be sanitized and reused again on future orders.
3. For the remaining bulk containers that cannot be reused with our suppliers, we will use them to make our own large batches of products. Some of our suppliers give us concentrated versions of their cleaners, so we will use these containers to make larger batches out of the concentrate.


Why don't you offer shipping as part of your service?

Change begins at home, so we've chosen to focus on our local communities. As part of our effort to minimize packaging and fuel impacts on the environment, we've chosen to only offer local delivery and pick up at our local pop-up events. In addition, by seeking out and carrying locally made products, we're ensuring money is going back into our local economy and supporting small businesses. 

What is considered a local vendor?

Any products produced within northern CA could be considered local, but for our purposes, we are focusing on businesses located within 100 miles of Davis, CA


Do you take returns?

Due to the nature of our products and our commitment to customer safety, we will only issue returns or exchanges for products that have been damaged or compromised. We try to be as transparent as possible with the ingredients in our products and the contents of our product sets so our customers can make informed and proactive decisions about what products will be the best fit for them and their household. If you have known allergies or would prefer to not have a certain category of product in your home, please take the time to check through your items and their descriptions prior to purchase. We are also always happy to answer any questions, so please don't hesitate to contact us!