How It Works

  1. Discover and order products you love on our site.

  2. We’ll pack everything up for you in our custom bottles, tins, jars, and bags then deliver them directly to your front door. Delivery days are Tuesdays and Thursdays for Davis and Woodland.

  3. Once you’re done enjoying your products, rinse the containers and leave them in our bag on your front step on delivery day and we’ll swap them out for new ones!

  4. Customers will be issued store credit for every bottle, jar, and container that is returned. Store credit then can be used on future purchases and will automatically show up in the customer account at checkout. You must log into your store account in order to access your store credit. 

  5. With every order, we donate to plant a tree with One Tree Planted. You can feel good knowing your order helps to restore California's forests. To learn more about One Tree Planted, check out their website:


PLEASE NOTE: Our business model only works if all bottles, tins, and jars are returned to us!

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